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Experts bring you up to date on topics such as sustainability, the labour market and sales, as well as the latest trends and developments. Topics that are genuinely useful to you as a pig farmer, agricultural staff, veterinarian or student. Work is currently being done on the program. Keep an eye on the website. Below you can see the program of the last edition.

Program 2023


This year, an opening symposium will take place during Dutch Pork Expo in collaboration with Nieuwe Oogst. More information about this symposium will follow in the coming weeks.

A knowledge square has been set up during Dutch Pork Expo 2023. Here you can be informed and inspired about current topics from the sector.

At 15:00 there will be a talk about the power of collaboration.

Speakers: Pieter Kühne – Poultry Veterinarian HIPRA, Erwin Prinzen – Product & Sales Director Royal Pas Reform and Kristof Van Hoye – Project Development Manager PEHESTAT.

What is the impact of in-ovo vaccination on your business operations

The hatchery is a central link in the poultry chain, also when it comes to successfully combating poultry diseases. That is why hatchery vaccination is increasingly being used. Whether vaccines have an optimal effect strongly depends on correct administration.

Royal Pas Reform’s new SmartVac™ technology enables 100% safe, consistent and accurate in-ovo vaccination. The system enables the hatchery to apply a wide range of vaccines in-ovo, including Gumboro, Marek, ND and coccidiosis vaccines. The vaccine is injected only into the amniotic fluid, preventing possible injury to the growing embryo.

Together with the newly developed HIPRA vaccines against coccidiosis and Gumboro, the system is the guarantee for a correct build-up of immunity per individual chick. For the poultry farmer it not only provides more ease of use, but also the certainty that broilers can achieve maximum results in terms of health presentations.

During the knowledge session at Dutch Poultry Expo, the impact of in-ovo vaccination on your business operations and the importance of a good planning process for the hatchery will be discussed in more detail.


Topics that are offered:

  • ‘Bio Based Fertilizers’ defined
  • Bio Based Fertilizers and Smart Fertilization according to 4 J
  • The market in the Netherlands for ‘Bio Based Fertilizers’ fertilizer disappears, ‘Bio Based Fertilizers’ appears
  • The deductible StoffenBalance for the pork/poultry sector is coming
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