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Hittestress.nl advises, supplies and installs various cooling systems for your shed.
Since 2007, Hittestress.nl has been developing an applicable cooling system by means of misting. Since 2012, Hittestress.nl has developed and marketed a system.
With this system, Hittestess.nl can lower the actual temperature in your shed by 6 to 8 degrees.

Heat stress is caused by various environmental factors, such as air temperature, humidity, air speed and exposure to direct sunlight.
Your cattle will soon suffer from this. This can cause heat stress in your animals.
Heat stress affects the activity, production and health of your cattle.

Consequences of heat stress in pigs:
– Pigs initially breathe more shallowly and their heart rate and blood pressure rise.
– Pigs will eat less.
– Pigs are more susceptible to infections.
– Miscarriages are more common in sows.
– Sow pigs produce less milk.
– Number of returners and rejecters is increasing.
– Higher mortality.
– More tail biting and aggression.
– Growth, feed conversion and carcass quality are negatively affected.
– Autumn dip.

Like us, your cattle will feel happier and more productive when they are in a comfortable environment.

Research has shown that a high-pressure misting system, in combination with good airflow and correct control, has a very positive effect on the production of your livestock. With our misting system, water is atomized through nozzles under high pressure.
The mist evaporates, cooling the air in your stable. Because the fog evaporates, your livestock and the barn do not get wet.

TS Group Holland can also provide other cooling systems for your barn.

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