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For over twenty years, Medi Nova located in Reggio Emilia (Italy) means commitment, research and evolution beside the main players in the livestock sector. Our core business is the formulation and production of boar semen extenders using the latest technologies to provide the best products to the market. New focus with new ideas and solutions means new approaches and innovation.

Our FORMULA line of boar semen extenders is using our developed ENERGY CONTROL technology demonstrating to be the most intelligent way to supply nutrients to the sperm cells avoiding bacteria to find an, almost, unlimited source of nutrients to grow in an exponential way. ENERGY CONTROL means the release of nutrients through the time, assuring preservation periods and assuring not to feed bacteria. The low metabolism obtained keeps the sperm with all the vigour to be used for the real objective: Successful fecundation.

The technology to achieve the ENERGY CONTROL in the FORMULA line is patented and launched to the market within the cooperation of Medi Nova´s R&D and the Parma University.

The patented technology to achieve the ENERGY CONTROL is the result of the existing R&D developments included in Medi Nova’s partnership with the Parma University.

Today we are leaders in Italy in the production of semen extenders for swine artificial insemination, printing and customizing ear tags (visual and RFID) for livestock animals, and a reference player in the trade of equipment for the livestock and veterinary sector.

Medi Nova offers equipment, products and technologies to help to improve farm efficiency and animal welfare.

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