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Environmental Monitoring Systems (E.M.S.) has developed a reliable ammonia sensor based on optical technology, which can measure ammonia in the difficult conditions of livestock farming. The sensors have been tested and were resistant to the harsh environment in stables and showed no permanent damage in contrast to the well-known and widespread electrochemical sensors. The ammonia sensors were tested for cross-sensitivity properties. The relative humidity and the temperature do not have influence on the new NH3 sensor as a result of the double beam reference principle. The cross-sensitivity has been tested and the ammonia sensor shows no interference with high concentrations of H2S, alkanes, methane, ethane, up to C8-octane and CO2 that are typical for the livestock environment.
The new ammonia sensor can be placed in livestock farming applications such as: cattle, poultry and pigs. The sensor has 2 inputs that can be measured and is therefore able to monitor the efficiency of an ammonia gas scrubber in addition to the measurements in the stables.
The sensor is completely non-destructive and does not consume any chemical substance from the sample and has long-term stability that can withstand continuous exposure to NH3. The sensor has a high resolution of 0.1 ppm and has a standard deviation of 90 ppb in the range of 0 – 25 ppm.

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