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Combiboard is an innovative plastic wall panel system suitable for creating robust internal and external walls. Combiboard is used in various sectors including the agricultural sector and the building and construction sector. Combiboard offers the solution where there is a need for strong, hygienic and sustainable walls.

Our wall panel systems meet the strictest quality standards and have been successfully used globally for very many years.

Combiboard has been developed down the years to become a system that stands out in relation to quality and innovation. Only the best raw materials – recycled and new – form the basis of our plastic walls. A specially developed click system ensures that a fast and nearly seamless installation is possible and a CaZn-stabilised top layer guarantees a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

The Alfa system is a high-quality unit profile for shed or stable construction. Alfa is exceptionally suitable for pigsties and calf sheds. The profiles are easy to clean and ensure a high degree of hygiene because of the closed edges at the top and bottom.

The Beta system is suitable for the fast construction of stable (temporary) walls. This product line is characterised by installation and disassembly convenience and also offers the same benefits as the Alfa system.

The Gamma system is a unit or wall profile with a fire classification in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1: B-s3, d0. This product line also offers the same benefits as the Alfa and Beta profiles. The thicker walls offer even more stability.

The Zeta wall panel system is ideal for situations where stability, hygiene and fire safety are very important. The individual profiles are filled with concrete after installation. The combination of a smooth plastic top layer and filling with concrete guarantees maximum stability and hygiene.

Installation profiles
A wide range of installation profiles guarantee a simple and fast installation of the Combiboard systems.

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