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CIMA has been operating in the national and international pig industry for over 30 years, anticipating, together with farmers, the requirements and innovations necessary to improve the management and profitability of pig farms.

Our experience gained over the years enables us to provide:
• projects with accurate dimensions
• equipment made to respect animal wellbeing
• technological systems with precise functionality to support operators
• prompt and attentive support service

CIMA specialises in the manufacture and construction of LIQUID FEEDING systems for pigs.

The company has been manufacturing manual and semiautomatic distribution systems since 1980, and fully automatic systems, allowing for workforce savings and production process optimisation, since 1984.

The automation of the Preparation and Distribution of liquid pig feed has proved to be indispensable and very much appreciated by pig farmers, even the ones who are used to simple dry feed distribution systems.

STAINLESS STEEL was introduced to LIQUID FEED systems in 1990 to ensure maximum reliability and durability. Today, this noble material is a feature of every CIMA system component.

In 2011, following the increasing demand of slaughterhouses for homogeneous supplies, we launched CIMA BIG BOX. This system allows farmers to breed pigs in large pens (200-500 sqm.) equipped with UNIFORM PIG, ensuring continuous production control and accurate selection during the loading stage.

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