Magapor is proud to announce the signing of an important agreement with Guyue to create the largest boar stud in China, with equipment, devices and innovative technology entirely from Magapor´s range.
Guyue is a cooperative company formed by the 7 most important groups of the swine sector in the Chinese province of Guangdong, including Wens group, Guangdong Guangken Animal Husbandry Group, and Haida Group.
The capacity of the center is 1000 boars and, once built, it will be the largest in China and worldwide.
The first step of the project was held yesterday, 28th of Novembeer, in Biquan Air Hotpring Hotel, where the General Director of Magapor, S.L. D. Jesus Mena signed it, and also the following personalities:
• Mr. Qu Yuan Quan, veterinary director of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province
• D. ZHENG HUI DIAN, general Assistant Manager of the Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province
• Mr. Jesus Gracias, General Consul of Spain in Guangzhou,
• Mr. Aitor Mate, Economic and Commercial Advisor of the consulate of Spain in Guangzhou
• Mr. Michiel Bierkens, Consul of the Netherlands in Guangzhou
• Mr. Li Jiaqi, Chairman of the Administrative Council of Guyue
• Mr. Chen Yaosheng, Chief Scientist of the State Swine Reproduction System Project
The project, which is the most important for the swine sector in the province, is subsidized by the Guangdong Ministry of Agriculture, as a commitment to the future for swine genetic improvement in China.
This signature will be the starting point of their cooperation and mutual benefit, and Magapor has expressed their satisfaction with this alliance, historic for the company.






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