Who is the visitor

Dutch Pork Expo inspires the pig farmer. In addition to pig farmers, there are other target groups at the trade fair.

pig farmers

Company type

The majority of pig farmers indicated that they run a traditional company (55%), with 3% running an organic poultry farm and 12% in chain cooperatives.

Sows 39%

Of all pig farmers, 39% count sows among their livestock.

Meat pigs

Of all pig farmers, 32% count slaughter pigs among their livestock.

unique visitors in 2019

Main reason for a visit

Maintaining contact with current suppliers or contacting new ones
To discover information and new trends
In order to find a specific product/service/company
To attend lectures/conferences

Visitors were able to indicate more than one reason, which makes the total percentage higher than 100%.

Visitor origin

Review Visitors

0 %

of the visitors in 2019 expect to visit Dutch Pork Expo again in 2020

0 %

of visitors in 2019 felt their visit to the Dutch Pork Expo was a worthwhile use of their time

0 %

of visitors in 2019 felt the Dutch Pork Expo reflected and responded to trends/developments well

0 %

of visitors in 2019 found what he/she was looking for at the Dutch Pork Expo

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